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Investing in your Future with Christopher Mizer

by Neal Bloom

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Christopher Mizer is the President and CEO of Vivaris Capital, an alternative asset investment company designed to fund growing tech firms and real estate properties. 

Christopher dives in and shares his journey from life as an investment banker to becoming the CEO of Vivaris Capital. Having grown up in a small town in Ohio, Christopher was never exposed to many tech opportunities. He then graduated from Case Western with two undergraduate degrees and two masters degrees. After working in investment banking for 10 years until his mid 30s, he travelled across the world to various countries and eventually settled in San Diego and founded the company. 

At Vivaris Capital, he engages with companies of all sizes, focusing primarily on how he and his team can help create value for them with personalized resources, product development, and business expansion. Post COVID-19, Christopher discusses how they are adapting to the new norm and introducing new programs and technologies. 

Listen in as host Neal Bloom chats with Christopher about his intrigue with biotech and investment focus moving forward. 


Christopher’s favorite local tacos: Galaxy Taco in La Jolla


Connect with Chistopher:



Keep up with Vivaris Capital:

Website: https://www.vivariscapital.com/


Facebook:  @vivariscapital


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