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Hayley Brooks – Co-Founder & CEO of Whooo’s Reading

by Neal Bloom
Hayley Brooks

Hayley Brooks is co-founder & CEO of Whooo’s Reading, an EdTech company that provides a machine learning algorithm that automatically assesses students’ responses for elementary and middle school teachers. This tool is a viable replacement for multiple choice and encourages students to think more critically and creatively about what they’ve read.

Hayley spent most of her childhood in San Diego, having moved to the area when she was just six years old. She went away to attend college at Williams College in Massachusetts for a few years before making her way back to the sunny city. Majoring in math, Hayley did not know what she wanted to do after college until she took a class during her senior year, where she learned how to write a business plan. She and her classmate, who is now her co-founder, also conducted market research for their business idea.

After graduating from Williams College, Hayley and her co-founder decided to try building the business they had already created a foundation for. The duo ended up recruiting and third co-founder, their former classmate, who was able to manage the technical side of the business. Together the three of them started working on the business remotely. After getting funding months later, the Whooo’s Reading team was able to move to San Diego in order to work on the business together.

Listen in to hear all about the genesis of Whooo’s Reading, Hayley’s plans for the future of the company, and her local favorite eats and brews.

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Hayley’s favorites:
Tacos – Avocado & mushroom tacos at Tacos Libertad in Hillcrest
Coffee – Better Buzz’s Hillcrest location
Beer – Orange Avenue Whipped from Coronado Brewing Company

Keep up with Hayley on social media:
Instagram: @hayley.marie.26

Keep up with Whooo’s Reading on social media:
Facebook & Twitter: @WhooosReading

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