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Connect All Spotlight with Meri Birhane

by Neal Bloom

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Meri Birhane is the Founder and CEO of Meri Consulting Services, a professional firm that helps service providers, startups, and sales professionals book meetings through a proprietary tech sales playbook and LinkedIn coaching.

Meri tells us about how she worked her way through tech sales positions, gaining confidence with each sale up until she felt ready to pursue her own business. Meri’s family emigrated from Eritrea to San Diego in the 90s, where Meri attended both middle school and high school. After receiving a full scholarship for her undergraduate education at the University of California, Los Angeles, she pursued a graduate degree, and later returned to San Diego to study business at San Diego State University. It was at SDSU that she worked with her first accelerator program, Zip Launchpad, where she started a valet company for students. Most recently, Meri completed Connect All at the Jacobs Center, walking away with the Audience’s Choice Award for her business pitch, and a $5000 grant. 

Since Meri Consulting Services’s founding in March 2020, Meri has already worked with 10 companies. She is currently working with two national banks and a real estate firm. Despite COVID-19, Meri has large goals for herself and her company in the coming year. She hopes to streamline her revenue strategy, create playbook templates, and prepare herself for new hires in 2021. 

Her passion for sales and empowering people of color has driven her to give back to her community by providing free business resources to minority owned businesses.  

Listen in as host Neal Bloom talks with Meri about her career in IT sales and how this has influenced her current role and passion to empower her community and clients.


Meri’s favorite local tacos: Los Reyes in Golden Hill

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Website: http://www.mericonsultingservices.com/ 


Facebook: @MeriConsultingServices 

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