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Building Community Through the Workplace with Felena Hanson

by Neal Bloom

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Felena Hanson is the Founder of Hera Hub, a spa-inspired, shared work space and business accelerator centered around female entrepreneurs. 

Felena takes us through her journey founding Hera Hub as an entrepreneur. Rewinding back to 2010, she was running a small marketing and consulting firm as well as teaching students part-time at a fashion institute. One of her prime goals at the time was to host an eco fashion show, and while searching for the perfect location, stumbled upon San Diego’s first ever coworking space, The HIVE. She fell in love with the idea and almost immediately realized that she wanted to launch something similar of her own. So, in 2011, she founded Hera Hub. 

Her main purpose in creating a co-working facility was to foster a greater sense of community among entrepreneurs around the country. Though female focused, the company is open to anyone interested in meeting like-minded individuals in the business world. With COVID-19, Felena has introduced a virtual membership to ensure community growth and support amidst the pandemic. 

Listen in with host Neal Bloom as Felena details her life as an entrepreneur driven to have an impact on her community, and her plans moving into 2021.


Felena’s favorite local tacos: City Tacos


Connect with Felena:



Keep up with Hera Hub:

Website: https://herahub.com/


Facebook: @herahub


Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.

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