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Local tech events, career opportunities, and more….

by Neal Bloom
What will San Diego look like in 50 years? San Diego Magazine recently asked me and other local thought leaders to contribute our thoughts to this topic in a special issue that was released last week in celebration of San Diego’s 250th anniversary. The article includes some pretty interesting takes on healthcare, air travel, talent, and more. When I was asked about technology advances and how they will be implemented in our environment, I thought about us as a whole community. Are we early adopters? Will we accept new advances early or wait until they are adopted elsewhere?
While there are more entrepreneurs (risk takers) in San Diego than Silicon Valley, it’s pretty hard to paint a broad stroke about us as a community. What I do know is that we work on life-changing technologies – things that matter and have an impact on a broad scale, such as curing Type 1 Diabetes and cancer , connecting the world through 5G, and using smartphones to help the blind . With that, as our communal DNA, I know we will make the right choices that better the lives of many. There’s a lot to be excited about.
Looking ahead, our community’s future will depend on its past. Since startups take 10-to-15 years to mature, the seeds we plant today will impact us down the road. Luckily, we are reaping the rewards from 20+ years ago when previous ventures like WebSideStory , Active.com , and ServiceNow are now bearing fruit on generations two and three. The #SDTechMafia is growing and here’s to continuing to sow and nurture.
We at Fresh Brewed Tech are excited to take deep dives and cover our thriving ecosystem through our blog .

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