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Bloombites | March 3, 2023

by Neal Bloom

I’ve been fortunate to know Cody Barbo since at least 2014 when we were both building talent tech platforms. Before he was even ready to work on something new, which spoiler alert ended up being Trust and Will, we met up to chat about our shared past experiences in our previous startups.

I knew Cody was going to run through a wall in whatever he did next. And so mentally I wrote a check to invest in Cody in whatever he did next.
And within a week he had met up with Daniel Goldstein to catch up over startup ideas and boom, Trust and Will was born. Adding in design super power Brian Lamb and the trio embarked on building a consumer software company to disrupt the estate planning space.
That was my first direct angel investment into a company.
Fast forward to today and they are nearly 80 people, raised a fresh $15m in funding ($48m in total), and were named to Fast Company’s Top Ten Most Innovative Personal Finance Company list.
I was honored to keynote their recent company retreat and so proud of what they have built and continue to craft in helping millions of families leave a legacy.
Congratulations team!
P.S. See you in Tijuana on March 6 for Startup SD 1st Mondays!

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