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Bloombites: Giving Thanks to our Local Businesses | 11/24/2020

by Neal Bloom
Happy early Thanksgiving, friends. With the holidays upon us, it may be time to slow down a bit, but our tech ecosystem is still going full steam ahead. There has been some big news recently on fundings and acquisitions, including VelosBio’s $2.75B acquisition by Merck, and eStudySite by Velocity Clinical Research. November fundings have been pretty massive too: Ambrx biotech raised $200M, Prometheus Bio was funded with $130M, RayzeBio launched with $45M, Trust & Will had a Series B of $15M, Gretel.ai had a Series A $12M, DERMALA raised $6.73M, Advice Analytics with $800K, and Adigica Health received funding. You know that means these local founders have been extra busy the last few months. And now it’s time for us to lean in and help them grow based on their needs, like hiring. If you know someone good for a role at these companies, let them know!
Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!
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