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Taking Small Businesses Digital with GoSite Founder Alex Goode

by Neal Bloom

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Small businesses everywhere are looking for an outlet to grow and expand their customer base, especially in the virtual tech environment we find ourselves in today. To assist these transitioning businesses, Alex Goode, founder & CEO of GoSite, launched this platform to help small businesses, namely service ones, transition from offline to online. 

Listen in as host Neal Bloom and co-host Ashok Kamal, Executive Director at Tech Coast Angels San Diego, discuss the process of bootstrapping a startup and much more with Alex Goode. 

4:37 Alex has been surrounded by small businesses since he was a child, as his family members owned and operated them. He spent much of his childhood helping run those ventures. Alex went on to study engineering at University of Michigan, where he learned how to code and build websites. When he wasn’t in class, Alex utilized his  skills to help his family members and other business owners develop an online presence. After graduating, he moved to San Diego where he recognized an opportunity to help San Diego small businesses, and launched GoSite in 2013. 

6:20 Like most startups, Alex started his journey with nothing but an idea and some pocket money. When GoSite first launched, it was more of an agency model, in that it was service-oriented and the team was very hands-on with their customers.  At that time, the startup didn’t even have a tech buildout. After running the company for a few years, Alex realized that there was an opportunity for GoSite to create a tech platform that would more effectively help small businesses grow and operate. In 2017, the startup launched its first product on its SaaS platform. By the end of the year, the GoSite team decided to pivot and become a tech company.. In 2018, they scaled their SaaS business from zero to $2 million within 18 months of pivoting.

11:39 While there are companies like Shopify designed to help businesses sell products online, GoSite goes a step further and caters to those who more specifically want to sell local services, like nail salons, auto repair shops, etc.

13:14 Although some investors prefer not to invest in ventures that cater to small businesses, GoSite has found support from many investors who are able to see the massive opportunity to help small businesses navigate the transition to digital.

14:50 GoSite’s main goal is to transition businesses online, and COVID acted as an accelerant. As Alex puts it, COVID “has changed GoSite from being a nice-to-have to a must-have.” Small businesses are constantly looking for new ways to attract and retain customers, so GoSite gives these business owners a platform on which to digitally engage with customers without worrying about the technicalities themselves. GoSite has partnered with various SoCal investors such as Serra Ventures, Tech Coast Angels, and many more to fundraise and grow the company.

21:08 Looking ahead, Alex aims to continue growing the company and team. His focus currently is centered around product development and engineering. 


Alex’s favorite local tacos

Avocado tacos at Fat Fish in Pacific Beach 


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