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Empowering Educators With Jaclyn Sarnese of elevatEd Classrooms

by Neal Bloom

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  • Jaclyn gives an overview of what elevatEd Classrooms is [02:22]
  • Jaclyn shares her background and where she’s from [03:04]
  • What made Jaclyn change her course from Biology to Education? [04:55]
  • Jaclyn shares the first steps she took to pursue her goal and fight for education reform [06:37]
  • Jaclyn talks about the knowledge she gained from being in different states and classrooms, and how she got into Educational Technology [08:48]
  • Jaclyn talks about the patterns she noticed in science teachers’ classrooms and the hypothesis she developed [10:48]
  • Jaclyn shares how she got laid off, and she came up with the idea for elevatEd Classrooms [13:49]
  • When did Jaclyn know she was finally ready to go all-in on her business idea and what was the progress like? [17:05]
  • Jaclyn shares what elevatEd Classrooms look like today, and what she’s  been working on [21:21]
  • When did Jaclyn know she wanted to be surrounded by other businesses and business resources? How did she learn about Connect All? [25:06]
  • Jaclyn talks about elevatEd Classrooms plans and goals [27:16]
  • Jaclyn shares her favorite taco spot, Taco Surf [29:21]


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