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Aadeel Akhtar of PSYONIC: Affordable and Accessible Prosthesis

by Neal Bloom

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  • Aadeel gives an overview of what PSYONIC is [02:34]
  • Aadeel shares his background and how he got interested in building bionic limbs [03:17]
  • How did Aadeel get started in bionic engineering [04:17]
  • What’s the difference between prosthesis and bionic devices? [07:45]
  • Aadeel talks about their product designs, the difference of the devices, and the barriers for patients  [09:03]
  • Aadeel shares the founding story of PSYONIC [10:44]
  • What’s entrepreneurial life like for Aadeel? [15:12]
  • Aadeel compares San Diego and Chicago, and why he chose to move to San Diego [18:05]
  • Aadeel explains why their brand is very big on consumer-facing approach [24:00]
  • Aadeel shares what’s is like to have a public facing brand [28:19]
  • Aadeel talks about where PSYONIC will be a year from now, their future plans, etc. [30:14]
  • Aadeel shares his favorite taco spot, City Tacos [32:17]





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