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Sustainability Simplified and Dignified with Kerri Leslie of Verity

by Neal Bloom

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Kerri Leslie is CEO and Founder of Verity, a sustainable packaging company that offers customized metal alternatives to single-use plastic containers. Verity provides sustainable packaging solutions to brands and businesses committed to combating the plastic crisis, giving viable packaging options without compromising user experience or brand aesthetics.

Kerri grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington before coming to San Diego. After re-evaluating her aspirations of becoming a doctor, she joined Spinal Implants, a Carlsbad-based medical device startup focused on spinal implants and instrumentation. There, she was able to use her medical background to work with surgeons and make customer experience better. Kerri eventually became a technical marketing liaison between the surgeons and the company’s engineering department, working in product development and meeting customer needs. Wanting to focus on marketing, she left and joined Henry Schein, a global medical device manufacturer and distributor, and moved up to become Director of Marketing. 

While building up her expertise in working with medical devices, she started an all-natural deodorant company, Noniko, and came across the problem of the plastic crisis. Realizing she needed to find a safe and sustainable packaging that could be recycled, she researched but found no existing containers to meet her needs. And that’s how Verity began. She worked to design a stainless steel container for the natural deodorant product, and found there was a greater demand for sustainable packaging. By looking for a solution to her problem, she found a whole new business. 

Listen to our latest podcast with Kerri Leslie to hear more about her entrepreneurial journey in finding truly sustainable solutions for the beauty and personal care industry. 


Her favorite local tacos:

Lourdes in Encinitas


Connect with Kerri:

Kerri Leslie


Learn more about Verity:

Website: https://www.veritycase.com/ 

Facebook: @veritypackaging

Instagram: @verity.case



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