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San Diego Tech News Weekly – January 21, 2022

by Neal Bloom

Neal: Welcome everyone to the weekly San Diego Tech News by Neal Bloom and Jonah Peake from Fresh Brewed Tech. Every Friday at 12:30pm Pacific on Clubhouse and now we record them for you to enjoy as well. Find these episodes on Freshbrewedtech.com and favorite podcast player for Tacos and Tech Podcast

I’m Neal Bloom, entrepreneur, investor, and community builder 

Jonah: Hey I’m Jonah, ops guy building marketplaces spent time at Lime, Handy, and Postmates and I enjoy helping startups throughout San Diego. Let’s dive into our six stories of the week:


For January 21, 2022:

  1. ClickUp Launching New Ad Campaign During Super Bowl LVI | San Diego Business Journal
    1. *superbowl noise*
    2. Kinda sweet to see ClickUp at the SB
    3. Did you see their previous ads?
    4. A few superbowl ad status
      1. 96m viewers
      2. 30 seconds
      3. Up to $6.5m during game
    5. The goal is “over the top” it sounds like
    6. There are some celebs
    7. But they features employees as well
    8. Smart to target people at home
      1. Calling it OOH
    9. You hear they’re thinking about being a part of netflix series  
  2. Qualcomm Expands in Auto Sector | San Diego Business Journal
    1. Qualcomm is diversifying its hardware in a multitude of ways
    2. With the lates CES, it announced a number of partnerships in the auto space
      1. Volvo Car Group, Honda and Renault Group
      2. telematics, infotainment and in-car connectivity businesses have an order pipeline of more than $13 billion
    3. global automotive chip market was worth $41.1 billion in 2021 and growing 13% / yr
    4. Also using the Snapdragon Digital Chassis are BMW Group, General Motors, Hyundai Motor Group, and Chinese automakers such as JiDU and XPeng
  3. Callaway, Port Officials Ink Exclusive Negotiating Agreement for New Harbor Island Topgolf Location | San Diego Business Journal
    1. Long talked about, Harbor Island location
    2. Confirmed entered into a negotiation with the Port of SD
    3. TopGolf was acq by Carlsbad-based Calloway in 2021 for $2.66B
    4. Topgolf’s high-tech golf games “utilize micro-chipped golf balls and Toptracer technology to keep track of every shot
  4. New San Diego firm nabs $75M for specialized microscopes that could aid in treatment of diseases – The San Diego Union-Tribune
    1. Univ of Oxford spinout UNI is moving HQ to SD and raised $75M, a second round of funding
    2. Helps academic researchers, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms create more effective and targeted therapies by allowing them to zoom in on complex cell structures down to 10 nanometers.
    3. human hair is 80,000 to 100,000 nanometers wide
    4. 120 devices in the wild today, the size of a toaster
    5. Chief Executive Bo Jing, who developed the technology as a Ph.D. student at Oxford
    6. ARCH Venture Partners and Casdin Capital led the round, with Section 32, Artis Ventures, Vertical Venture Partners, Axon Ventures and private investors participating
    7. The company chose San Diego as its headquarters after recruiting executive talent. Some of the people it wanted to hire lived on the West Coast, said Jing. Instead of asking them to move to the United Kingdom, Jing relocated the headquarters.
  5. Life science developer buys Costa Verde Center near UTC to complete ‘mega campus’ – The San Diego Union-Tribune
    1. Alexandria Real Estate buying Costa Verde Center
      1. strip mall opposite Westfield UTC
    2. Why is this interesting?
      1. Shows how hot life sciences is
        1. Which we know
      2. Shows an evolution away from malls and what they could be used for in the future
      3. Look at downtown
    3. Purchased from Regency Centers
      1. 2020, the company owned 415 properties comprising 56 million square feet of space. 
    4. Built in 1989 will get an upgrade from
    5.  They want to update
      1. + 400k office / lab space
      2. 200 room hotel
    6. This is adjacent to another property they own 
    7. Totalling 1.7m lab space 
  6. This San Diegan helps entrepreneurs sell their businesses
    1. Pandemic increased the sale of businesses
    2. MicroAquire is doing really well
      1. Saas business marketplace
    3. This is a story build around solving a need the founder experienced
    4. Lamar Rutherford
    5. Lost a ton of money selling her first business
      1. A Bagel shop
      2. Painful experience
    6. It can be hard to understand the value of a business
    7. Especially if you don’t plan for an exit strategy in mind
      1. UBS research: 58 % owners never had appraisal 
    8. In many ways the pandemic battle tested many businesses
    9. But also many owners were born in 1946-64
    10. You’ve Heard of search funds right?
  7. Some shout outs to our local journalists
    1. New reporters at the SDBJ – Jeff Clemetson covering tech, startups and 
    2. The UT is hiring a reporter to cover all things money in SD, access to it, the affect of housing prices and more, inflation, all the above

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