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Providing Safer Skies With Grant Jordan of SkySafe

by Neal Bloom

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  • Grant gives an overview of what SkySafe is [02:24]
  • How did Grant end up in the tech world and the defense route? [03:24]
  • Grant shares how he got into the drone spacefrom being in the military to building a company [05:30]
  • Grant talks about drones and how their use has evolved over the years [07:08]
  • Grant shares how large autonomous flying planes and UAVs or UAS fit into aviation and mobility in the long term [09:47]
  • How did Grant turn his business idea for SkySafe into reality? [13:04]
  • Grant shares how SkySafe is doing and where it’s going [16:10]
  • Grant talks about how they integrate their platform into their clients’ structure and security operations [21:18]
  • Can SkySafe track drones in places they shouldn’t be worldwide? [22:44]
  • Grant talks about the future of drones and SkySafe’s long-term goals [25:06]
  • Grant shares what he thinks the ecosystem is like in terms of building tech in San Diego [26:39]
  • Grant shares his favorite taco spots, El Cuervo and Vallarta [27:29]


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