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Inspiring Women to Excel In Technology with Women Who Code

by Neal Bloom

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Women Who Code San Diego is an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. Women currently represent less than 30% of the technology industry in the United States. WWC’s mission is to provide a community for female tech professionals with resources and support. This week’s Tacos and Tech Podcast features Jillian Moore, Luisa Giuffrida, and Mikyla DeWitt, co-directors of the local chapter.

Jillian is a Senior Software Engineer at PlayStation in San Diego, and was one of the first engineers asked to create the Women Who Code San Diego chapter in 2017. Luisa, former Manager of Online Development at PlayStation, was also part of the company’s team of female leaders to start this community group. She currently works at Amazon as a Software Development Manager. Mikyla is a Senior Software Developer at Mosaic.tech, and became actively involved after coming to WWC San Diego’s launch in 2017. The co-directors all shared the same passion: finding a tech group focusing on and empowering women. Their perseverance led to a successful community group for women technologists to support and learn from one another.

Since its launch, the organization has grown, providing many experiences and events such as monthly meetups, workshops, networking sessions, coding nights, and more. To support WWC, actively attend and support their events and encourage fellow women colleagues to attend and gain resources. If you are interested in reaching out, contact them through email at sandiego@womenwhocode.com or join their meetup group


Their favorite local tacos:

Jillian: Robert’s Jalapenos

Michi: Birria El Rey

Luisa: Lolita’s Mexican Food 


Connect with them:

Jillian Moore

Luisa Giuffrida

Mikyla DeWitt


Learn more about Women Who Code

Website: https://www.womenwhocode.com/sandiego 

Facebook: @WWCodeSanDiego 

Twitter: @WWCodesandiego

Instagram: @wwcodesandiego



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