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Bringing Empathy to Healthcare with PatientPartner

by Neal Bloom

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Many patients go through stressful medical experiences due to a lack of support or understanding of their procedure and treatment, experts say. George Kramb and Patrick Frank saw this issue and created PatientPartner, a community platform for new and prospective patients to come and engage with past patient mentors for support and empathy. The co-founders built a network of doctors and patients to share their experience and expertise with those who need it.

George and Patrick were both born and raised in San Diego County. George started his career in medical device sales, working in operating rooms and helping surgeons properly use the products. During that time, he would listen to patients and doctors, learning about their experience and what brought them to the hospital. He noticed a gap in the patient-doctor relationship, where many patients were in need of resources and support throughout the surgical process that doctors couldn’t provide. He began connecting pre-op patients with post-op patients and saw the potential in creating a network of relatability and support. He then contacted Patrick who was involved in consumer technology and scaling out platforms and bringing them to the market. Together, they built up PatientPartner and brought value to the healthcare industry by focusing on patients. 

PatientPartner went through multiple changes, helping them realize that the best solution is to connect patients to individuals who went through similar treatments and knew the experience firsthand. Empowering patients with resources improves their medical experience, helping them and other patients in the long run as well, they discovered. Listen to Neal chat with George and Patrick about the company’s impact on the healthcare industry and their goals for the future. 


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Website: https://www.patientpartner.com/ 

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