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Creating the Modern CFO Dashboard with the Co-Founders of Mosaic

by Neal Bloom

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Bijan Moallemi, Joe Garafalo, and Brian Campbell all had extensive experience in the finance industry before founding Mosaic, a strategic finance platform that revolves around building the next generation of technology for the modern day CFO. Mosaic connects all of the systems used by businesses on a daily basis, translating rather complicated analytics into easily understood information.

The three met while working at Palantir in San Francisco. Oddly enough, Bijan and Brian both grew up in San Diego, but didn’t meet until they worked on the finance team at Palantir. Joe, originally from the East Coast, spent time in San Diego with Bijan and Brian and knew he’d end up here.

At Palantir, a fast growing data analytics company, corporate spending was rather unorganized. This left a lot of money outstanding and bills unpaid. At the same time, the overall company was consistently growing fast; however, the finance team grew at a significantly slower rate. This left Bijan, Joe, and Brian to solve large financial problems with a relatively small team. They took a data driven approach and found this to be the best way to scale quickly. 

Before re-grouping to found Mosaic, the three all went their separate ways, holding finance leadership roles at other companies – finding similar problems regardless of the industry. They recognized the business need for a platform that clearly organized data. 

Mosaic was fully launched in June 2019. At this time, the trio primarily focused on collaboration with Series A-sized companies, but as of late their bread and butter is late Series B and Series C startups that have full finance teams. They’ve experienced tremendous growth, expanding to 30 people, and hope to hire 50-70 by the end of the year. They’ve adapted their products to function for larger teams, making it more dynamic for their customers. 

Listen in as the Mosaic team talks about their enthusiasm for the San Diego tech ecosystem and how the company plans to expand in the years to come. 


The Team’s Favorite Tacos: 

Bijan – Santana’s in Pacific Beach

Joe – Taco Stand in Encinitas

Brian –  Roberto’s in Solana Beach 

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