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What’s Happening in SD Tech in February with Al Bsharah of Seismic

by Neal Bloom

Al Bsharah is VP of Product Operations at Seismic, a sales enablement platform. The show is also joined by Amy Chang, CEO of Delta Nutrassentials. Neal, Al, and Amy are all members of Tech Coast Angels, which will give you an investor perspective of the San Diego tech scene in this episode.

Al moved out to San Diego in 1998 after working as an engineer in the Detroit auto industry. He always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and spent his time in San Diego trying to build businesses and working in other startups. Al learned some tough lessons as a solo founder and decided to pair up with a co-founder for his next venture.

In last 2016, Al joined Seismic Software, which had a headcount of 200 at the time. Three years later, the tech unicorn is pushing 900. The company has been rapidly growing for years, and even made a couple acquisitions, giving the company a presence in multiple states and countries.

Listen in to hear all about Al’s experience as both an entrepreneur and an investor, and get the scoop on his favorite local taco spot.

17:43 SD tech news recap begins. Topics include SOCi, Concert Health, and Kneron’s recent fundraising rounds; BlueNalu’s groundbreaking cell-based fish; local startup studios, like Brad Chisum’s Launch Factory; the HNC tech mafia, and more.

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Al’s favorite local taco spot:
Fish tacos at The Tilted Stick in Ocean Beach
(Other than his wife’s homemade shrimp tacos, of course)

Keep up with Al:
Twitter: @ALBsharah

Keep up with Seismic:
Facebook: @SeismicSoftware
Twitter: @SeismicSoftware
Instagram: @SeismicSoftware

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