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An Underrepresented Founder’s Guide to Resources in San Diego

by Neal Bloom

The recent wave of nationwide protests focused on police brutality and Black Lives Matter has helped shine a light on inequality and systematic racism, which has reached a major tipping point. While protesting is one way to make our voices heard, we at Fresh Brewed Tech want to help in our own way, providing equal access to all entrepreneurs, especially those who are underserved. We believe access enables opportunity and levels the playing field. Below is a list of local resources for underrepresented founders:




  • Founders First Capital Partners has launched its Racial and Social Economic Equality Initiative to address disparities in revenue and job growth among small businesses by underrepresented founders


  • Read this Forbes article to hear about inclusivity and diversity-driven accelerators who are working to support the young next generation in AI tech


  • Check out this guide ION created which details what companies can do in the wake of police brutality to help actively work against racism


  • Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce is organizing a relief fund for black-owned small business. Check here to see if your business qualifies for aid.


  • DannyDeMichele.com, a premier resource on a variety of business topics, created a list of resources for women owned businesses; check it out here!


  • Finimpact just wrote a list of ways/tips to support and help black-owned small businesses. Check it out here!


  • Hosted by Tech Coast Angels, the Women in Angel Investing features six female angel investors who explain their journeys as angel investors as well as some Q&A. RSVP here.


  • Glossier is awarding grants to black-owned beauty businesses; apply here!


  • Founders First Capital Partners is an accelerator that helps drive growth of small, service-based, $1M+ revenue, B2B businesses run by diverse leaders such as women, minorities, veterans, LGBTQ and those living in low and moderate income areas.  Apply here!


  • For those interested in starting a company, Arlan Hamilton, an investor in underrepresented founders, has a great course called How To Raise Capital.


  • Carlsbad’s Lolita Taub puts out a monthly newsletter of resources for founders of color.


  • The new Advancing San Diego initiative will help upskill our local technical talent, creating a bigger homegrown talent pool for our local companies. Sign up for training or to hire talent.


  • Connect ALL is the only (let’s change this) SD accelerator for diverse founders with low-to-moderate income. Support the incubated companies by getting to know them here.




  • The Techstars Foundation is a non-profit created to improve diversity in technology entrepreneurship by providing opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs through grants, scholarships, and sponsorships.


  • We Tha Plug is a for-profit organization that advocates in fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem for underrepresented communities, specifically Pan African and Latinx, on a global level. Their team provides mentorship and coaching to founders and startup companies at all levels from ideation, pre-seed, and series A funding.


  • Innovations City – Peer-to-peer networking platform helping Entrepreneurs build, pitch and connect with funding opportunities


  • Stella Labs – To inspire, equip, and propel female founders to successfully plans, launch, and scale their original businesses, thus positively impacting their local, national and global economies.



  • Black Girls Code – To increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color ages 7 to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology.


Know any other resources available for local underrepresented founders? Drop us a line. And let’s keep this conversation going.

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