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Lou Cooperhouse – CEO of BlueNalu

by Neal Bloom

Lou Cooperhouse is CEO of BlueNalu, a startup that’s creating seafood directly from fish cells, a sustainable, ethical, and tasty alternative to traditional seafood. The novel product addresses issues with the current food system, which cannot sustain the world’s growing population for much longer.

Lou has spent 35 years working in the food industry and has an impressive track record, having worked for the likes of Campbell Soup, Conagra, and a Nestle-funded startup. In college, he studied microbiology and food science, but found himself starting companies throughout his career.

BlueNalu was founded in 2018 out of Lou’s desire to do something disruptive. Its clean meat includes all the desirable things about seafood, and none of the baggage. The startup hopes to take its product to market in the second half of 2021, and is open to partnering with local eateries to make cell-based fish tacos–a futuristic San Diego must-have.

Listen in to hear about Lou’s prosperous career in the food industry. Also learn why cell-based seafood is looking to be a big player in the future of food and how San Diego is at the perfect spot to be a major center for this industry.

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