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Turning Founder Journeys into Success Stories with MicroAcquire

by FBT Team

  • Introducing Andrew [00:08]
  • What is MicroAcquire and what do they do? [02:12]
  • What has Andrew’s experience been like leading the #1 startup acquisition marketplace? [03:19]
  • How did Andrew begin his journey into the world of entrepreneurship? [04:45]
  • Where did the idea behind Bizness Apps come from? [07:25]
  • When do you know your startup is ready for the exit? [10:50]
  • What was Andrew’s experience bootstrapping Bizness Apps and transitioning from San Francisco to San Diego? [12:14]
  • How selling Bizness Apps motivated Andrew to start MicroAcquire [13:44]
  • Andrew shares what it’s like dabbling in and getting acquired in crypto [15:21]
  • Building your own marketplace, managing supply and demand, and working for free [18:06]
  • What has Andrew learned from building MicroAcquire in public? [20:43]
  • Why there hasn’t been a major change to MicroAcquire’s business model [24:44]
  • Trends in MicroAcquire’s buyer and seller markets [26:38]
  • How to set your startup up for success and questions founders should be thinking about [30:26]
  • Why it’s important to share company building stories [32:26]
  • What Andrew’s book is about and why he decided to write it [33:39]
  • Where does Andrew envision MicroAcquire to be within one year? [35:33]
  • Andrew’s favorite taco spot, Puesto La Jolla [38:07]


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MicroAcquire: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

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