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Trends in Technology with Neal Bloom

by Neal Bloom

Find out Top Tech Trends Happening in San Diego with Neal Bloom

San Diego is a biotech haven with innovators creating a new environment for growth and advanced technologies. Watch Neal Bloom hold an interactive discussion with the San Diego Learn Academy Bootcamp students. He gives great insight into the current state of San Diego’s tech scene as well as what the future may hold.

In this talk he will go over:

  • What Startups and tech industries are looking for in talent
  • How to get involved in the Startup ecosystem
  • How to pivot and come out strong during a career change
  • Preparing for an interview with a tech company
  • Tips on how to maximize your internship experience
  • and more…

If you’re looking for experienced advice on the San Diego tech scene or need tips on how to ace your next tech interview and how to stand out, give this video a quick listen.




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