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Transforming the Insurance Industry with Matt Essick

by Neal Bloom

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Matt Essick is Chief Marketing Officer at Ensight, an insurance digital sales acceleration platform. The San Diego-based startup was created to help digitally transform insurance carriers and distributors to drive efficiency. 

Matt grew up in Marin County outside of San Francisco, and went to Boston College on the East Coast. After graduating and working for a startup back home, he moved to the United Kingdom and went to London Business School for his masters degree. Once he graduated, he found himself toward one end of the innovation curve — insurance. Staying in the U.K., he worked at Zurich Insurance for 10 years, leading marketing divisions and digital innovation for insurance, which happened first in Britain largely due to its single regulated market. After gaining experience, he returned back to the U.S., where he met Bill Unrue, CEO of Ensight, in 2015, and has been there ever since.

When Matt joined Ensight, they were analyzing their business model, which focused on selling disability insurance (direct and online), and the challenges they faced. The team concluded that the company’s D2C model wasn’t scalable due to low customer interest and insurance being expensive. As a result, Ensight began to pivot toward an indirect model of helping health carriers and distributors transform sales operations and digitize their customer experience to make it more interactive and modern. They took time to gain feedback from distributors, listening to their perspective and learning from the market to solve real-life problems, and successfully created a strong product. 

Listen in to Matt Essick share his expertise delivering digital innovation opportunities and how Ensight is working toward making the insurance industry more efficient and transparent with its SaaS-based sales acceleration solutions. 


Matt’s favorite local tacos:

Mr. Birria in Santee


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Website: https://ensightcloud.com/ 

Twitter: @Assurance__App



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