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Transforming Data Into Demand with Nova by Power Digital

by Neal Bloom

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Power Digital Marketing is a data-driven marketing agency that uses Nova, the company’s very own machine learning platform capable of analyzing business growth opportunities, and tracking consistent progress for its clients. Founder Grayson Lafrenz, and Pierre Le Veaux II, Vice President of Private Equity & Venture Capital Partnerships, gave us an insider’s perspective into the use cases and success of Nova. 

Grayson is a successful entrepreneur, and founded 11 companies before starting Power Digital. He began to delve into digital marketing, and noticed the common problem of fluff and idealistic concepts that would not bring tangible results. He began to focus on all aspects of performance marketing, like traffic, conversion, lifetime value, and how to best present a product to online consumers. This inspiration eventually led to the creation of Nova, which was a system created to find startups with potential to grow and identify what factors would help them become successful, and to create a positive feedback loop to help the AI become smarter.

Pierre came from a banking background, having worked at Goldman Sachs for 10 years. His expertise in the finance industry became instrumental in expanding Nova’s realm beyond startups into private equity and venture capital firms. He became a key communicator of the value proposition of digital marketing to the investment community. Although marketing is seen as an unnecessary expense from their perspective, he was able to convince many firms that it is actually a revenue driver, and that using Nova would help growth diligence from a data-driven way to find potential portfolio companies. 

As Power Digital continues to grow, its Nova AI platform helps over 400 clients, and the forecasting of results becomes smarter as more data is added to the system. Although it can be used as a self-service tool, many PE/VC firms also appreciate the insights that human SEO experts are able to provide, and overall benefit from using the software. Nova is the core of Power Digital, and is responsible for the company’s compounding annual growth rate, accurate analysis of revenue and expenses, and custom matches teams to clients. Nova’s intelligence continues to grow as it recommends marketing strategies that are more profitable for its clients. 

Listen in to hear more about the impact of Nova and how it is changing the digital marketing scene and investment landscape for organizations ranging from startups to private equity firms. 


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