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This Week in San Diego Tech News – July 8, 2024

Neal Bloom and Fred Grier read the latest tech news and events

by Neal Bloom

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Welcome everyone to the weekly San Diego Tech News by Neal Bloom and Fred Grier from Fresh Brewed Tech.

I’m Neal Bloom from Fresh Brewed Tech, the Tacos and Tech Podcast, and Interlock Capital.

I’m Fred Grier, journalist and author of The Business of San Diego substack. I wrote about the tech industry for the San Diego Business Journal for two years. I covered the ins-and-outs of the startup world for much of that time, breaking news on IPOs, fundraising rounds, and M&A.

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Little Tech Agenda by Marc Andreesen

7/8 News

Eli Lilly, Pfizer, J&J incubating the next big drug in San Diego

Liquid Instruments Closes $12 Million Round

Huega House Hats nearly doubled its 2023 revenue

Aptera monetizes its IP portfolio for $130 Million

Sonocharge raises $8.5 Million

SD’s Artiva plans IPO to fund NK cell therapy’s autoimmune trials


Events – For full list – check The Social Coyote

Look for upcoming Community CoWorking Days – Aquillius and SDx

July 11 Morning with Aquillius

SD Founders Hike – July 12

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SDx events

💻 AI Hacker Club: Tue, July 16th, 6-8pm | https://lu.ma/dtwrgba3 

📚 AI Paper Club:

  1. Thu, July 11th, 6-8pm | InstructPix2Pix: https://lu.ma/zg441svz – presented by Panna Felsen
  2. Thu, July 25th, 6-8pm | Scaling Monosemanticity: https://lu.ma/v2aqei21 – presented by Diego Caples

Carlsbad Tech Founders event – July 16

Carlsbad Cleantech Founders – July 29

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