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The Strong Growth Of Companies In San Diego – 11/27/18

by Neal Bloom
Happy Giving Tuesday! Locally, we have seen strong growth from a number of web platforms that benefit both individuals through crowdfunding or nonprofits directly.
Welcome to the social good tech age, being led by the San Diego region. Companies like GoFundMe ,founded in and still maintaining an office in San Diego, acquired Crowdrise , also a San Diego native. Both platforms have played major roles in elevating the crowdfunding space. Another dynamic company, Classy , has grown in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) space to help nonprofits manage their fundraising campaigns.
Other new local nonprofit tech platforms include Motiv , a marketplace connecting teens to volunteering opportunities and managing the proof for mandatory service projects; and Tablecoth.io , which helps nonprofits measure fund impact through visual and metric-based dashboards.
For all that is said about San Diego being a B2B town, it sure seems like we have done well serving consumers and communities worldwide in mission-driven, social good causes. I’m sure there are more local social good tech companies we are missing. Who are they?
On this Giving Tuesday, however you give, remember the mantra, “Give Before You Get,” and find your own way to do something good.

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