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The Minimalist Entrepreneur: Sahil Lavingia

by Neal Bloom

Hi everyone – we’re excited to bring you Sahil Lavingia, author of the upcoming book “The Minimalist Entrepreneur”. His book comes out late October, so we’ll be among the first to hear him speak! Here’s what people are saying about his book:

“Sahil knows not. He knows what not to do, what not to follow, how not to waste, and how not to get caught up in the hype. What’s left is the yes – the stuff that really works, the things that actually matter. It’s all in this book, and much of it only in this book. Pay attention.”
–Jason Fried, cofounder of Basecamp and coauthor of Rework

“In a world where things have become grossly overcomplicated, The Minimalist Entrepreneur teaches us how to strip away the unnecessary and do more with less. Sahil has a profound understanding of the power of community and how to build a business with intention, which makes this book a must read for any aspiring founder.”
–Alexis Ohanian, Founder, Seven Seven Six and Former Executive Chair, Reddit

Bring your founder and budding entrepreneur friends to this event! I’m sure there will be lots of great lessons for all product people.

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