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Canna-Tech, Dmitry Shapiro, fundings, and more! – 8/20/19

by Neal Bloom
Better together: That’s where we have seen true effectiveness in ecosystems, when organizations band together. Each organization is unique and when the different organizations support each other and not try to be everything for everyone, the entrepreneur wins. There’s only so much sponsorship dollars/funding for nonprofits. A great example of bridge building is Connect/San Diego Venture Group, Tech Coast Angels, and Cox Business combining their pitch competition, Quick Pitch SD, for bigger prizes for companies. Applications are due in THREE DAYS – August 23. Make sure you get your application in and join us at the event on October 29.
Speaking of Tech Coast Angels (TCA), after an epic first half of the year of deploying capital, the Southern California angel syndicate is celebrating its 400th current member and 400th deal invested in. While TCA has not historically invested as an organization, individual members write their respective checks. The TCA San Diego chapter also started an annual fund in December 2018 of $2.2 million , with the goal to raise an annual and deploy the capital within 12 months. Instead, the capital was deployed within eight months into 16 companies and now TCA is raising the next fund even earlier. The new annual fund being raised projects to be over $3 million and if you have an interest in investing in the fund, get in touch with TCA SD Executive Director Ashok Kamal.
Other applications for incubators and accelerators are open, so make sure to check them out as well:
EvoNexus IoT, Analytics, & Security applications are due August 23
Connect All applications are due August 26
SDEE Entrepreneur Bootcamp applications are due August 30
Techstars Anywhere applications are due October 13
I’m excited for all the early stage resources and momentum we have going. Come join the fun!

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