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Active Mafia returns, career opportunities, recent deals and more – 7/23/19

by Neal Bloom
Hello from the UK where I’ve been touring and getting to know the community. Headed to Dublin and Belfast next. Let me know if there’s someone I should get to know from the startup community! Speaking of the startup community, here’s the latest trend in team meetings spotted in the Shoreditch area of London:
Back at home, a great overview of our ecosystem was recently written by Jeff Barrett for Entrepreneur magazine recognizing San Diego as a leading startup city. The article makes a good point about us not caring about rankings, which is true; we really just want to be better versions of ourselves and constantly improve opportunities for founders, companies, and talent to thrive. Barrett also confirms that it is hard to stand out on the West Coast against Los Angeles and San Francisco, especially when we are competing for talent to move here.
While our capital continues to show strong movement and tech talent labor pool has increased by 10% , San Diego is also a great place to be a female CEO , considering three have taken their respective companies public in the last year alone. We may be batting under our average, but we’re staying focused. Keep at it, team!
A quick little humble brag as our blog Fresh Brewed Tech is only a year old and yet we recently were awarded 2nd and 3rd place honors by the San Diego chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists for Original Godfathers of San Diego Tech and the blog in general, respectively.
Appreciate the feedback you give and for sharing our content on your social media channels.

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