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Teal & Tristan Cooper – Founders of VendiBean

by Neal Bloom

Teal & Tristan Cooper are the co-founders behind VendiBean, a barista at the touch of a button. The startup’s sleek coffee vending machines can be found in various locations, like college campuses, hospitals, and offices.

The siblings grew up in Plano, Texas and went their separate ways once college started. Tristan, the younger Cooper, attended UT Austin and Teal moved out to San Diego to attend SDSU. 

One day, Teal was studying abroad in Florence when her younger brother called her. It was midnight in Austin and he was in the library. Tristan complained that he had no access to coffee and wished there was some sort of coffee vending machine nearby. Teal immediately connected his remark to the fact that she’d seen those types of machines at the Italian university she was attending.

The duo immediately began learning the ins and outs of the industry. After their initial beta failed, the pair came back stronger with tastier coffee grounds and better machines. VendiBean is used at corporate and retail settings from sunny San Diego to Austin, Texas.

Tune in to hear how siblings Teal and Tristan Cooper turned a midnight coffee craving into a successful startup. The duo also describe their recent hardships with the global health crisis and its effect on their business. 

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Teal’s favorite local tacos:

Taco Stand in La Jolla

Spicy shrimp tacos at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood


Tristan’s favorite local tacos:

Spicy shrimp tacos at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood

Tacos Mimi In Pacific Beach


Keep up with Teal & Tristan: 

Teal’s Instagram: @teal.cooper

Tristan’s Instagram: @tristancoop


Keep up with VendiBean: 

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @VendiBean


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