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Taking on the Future of 5G with Serial Entrepreneur Cleve Adams

by Neal Bloom

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Cleve Adams is a serial entrepreneur, with his latest venture being CEO of VOXOX, a cloud communication services company that innovates communication across networks and devices. VOXOX utilizes both 5G data and AI in its technologies.

Cleve found himself in tech after following a girl (now his wife) from Southern California to the Northwest. In the journey, he met some people who then introduced him to the field. From here he worked at Texas Instruments for a few years and then for Novell, which eventually became a multibillion-dollar company. Then came Icon International, his first company, which goes down in history as his first one to sell. 

Cleve was also part of the founding executive team for OG San Diego tech company Websense in the late 1990s, which he helped grow into a $1 billion public company in just three years.   Websense was eventually sold to Raytheon for $2 billion.  After the sale, Cleve took on a ‘CEO-for-Hire’ role where he helped out various small businesses grow with a revenue-centric model, which encouraged all departments to think about how they work directly to create a higher revenue stream. This is how he ended up working for VoxOx. 

Cleve saw that 5G was a growing market, one worth $17 trillion. Before commiting to the CEO role at VOXOX, he ensured that the company’s devices were 5G enabled and took the leap. 5G technology increases data transfer speed up to 100 times that of 4G. Cleve advises that this speed is crucial to data collection and its use in artificial intelligence. As a result, VOXOX is growing its 5G reach and applying machine learning algorithms on the collected data. This year, VOXOX also plans to grow its team, with hopes of an increased revenue stream from partnerships with large international companies. 

Listen in as Cleve tells host Neal Bloom about his work with acquisitions and how VOXOX works with small businesses to better connect them to their consumers. 

Cleve’s favorite local tacos: Flamingo’s in Laguna Hills 

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