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Stanley Kim – Co-Founder & CEO of WinSanTor

by Neal Bloom

Stanley Kim is the Co-Founder & CEO of WinSanTor, a biotech company focused on developing pharmaceutical solutions to peripheral neuropathy.

Stanley graduated from UC Berkeley after studying genetics, but after realizing he had no desire to work in a lab or go to med school, he went to go work for a law firm and became an IP attorney. Eventually, Stanley landed an IP attorney role at San Diego’s Salk Institute, a top biology institution.

There, Stanley played a pivotal role in starting numerous companies, including Emotient, a company specializing in machine perception, which was eventually acquired by Apple. Then, in 2011, Stanley was approached by a group of scientists to pursue a branch of science that seemed to hold the solution to peripheral neuropathy, a debilitating disease that targets 15-20 million Americans every year. His team’s solution is the first of its kind–an anomaly in the diabetic industry that only provides pain management drugs. 

Tune in as Stanley joins host Neal Bloom and guest co-host Darin Anderson, co-founder and CEO of NXT Robotics, to discuss his journey as a serial entrepreneur in the San Diego tech scene.

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