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Reimagining a Disruption Proof Organization with Brant Cooper

by Neal Bloom

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Brant Cooper, CEO/Founder of Moves the Needle and New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur, teaches leaders how to improve their businesses to remain agile and resilient in the Digital Age in his latest book, DISRUPTION PROOF, which Tacos & Tech Listeners can get special access to here. Host Neal Bloom and Brant discuss the importance of decentralizing decision making in companies and being able to dynamically adjust to disrupting factors or situations. 

Brant graduated from UC Davis with an Economics degree. He lived in the Bay Area for 17 years, following the trajectory of regular business. It wasn’t until he joined his first startup that he understood the difference between entrepreneurial mindset versus a typical business. After coming down to San Diego, he observed the region and their small presence in the tech scene, with few successful startups and venture capital at the tail-end of funds. Since he was familiar with startup culture from the Bay Area, he brought that to San Diego, changing the culture from business professional and formal expectations to casual yet efficient meetups that were modernized to meet the rising digital age. 

As his organized meetups grew in popularity, many people became involved and grew interest in the entrepreneurial scene. With more help, he put on the first Startup Week and co-founded Startup San Diego. Eventually, he passed on the organization to new leadership, and watched it go through successful transitions with competent leaders keeping the core fundamental aspects and attributes. He currently travels the world as a keynote speaker on how to discover and create new value and empower change through design thinking and lean methodologies. 

Listen to Brant Cooper share his expertise in igniting entrepreneurial action within large organizations through disrupting our current way of thinking in order to find personal and economic growth.


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