Home Podcast Providing the Right Tools and Services to Help Small Businesses Grow With Jared Ruth and Tim Ellis of Cox Business

Providing the Right Tools and Services to Help Small Businesses Grow With Jared Ruth and Tim Ellis of Cox Business

by FBT Team

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  • Jared gives an overview of what Cox Business is and what they’re currently focusing on [02:51]
  • Jared talks about what it was like for their company to deal with the pandemic and how their business manage to persevere [05:07]
  • Tim mentions focusing on customers and paying attention to markets trends as one of their big core fundamentals [06:24]
  • Jared talks about the changes that happen as startups make the transition of growing the business, including the tech side of it [09:17]
  • Tim shares the importance of the cyber side for startup businesses and why SMBs become prime targets of ransomware attacks [12:57]
  • Jared talks about the hardware side of businesses and the trends they’re seeing, such as the hybrid approach [15:56]
  • Tim gives an example of how they can help businesses who have unique needs in terms of cloud service environment [18:28]
  • Jared shares the roles you need and doesn’t need in a team for your organization [21:42]
  • Tim adds why knowing what you want to safeguard and protect your business from is essential [25:08]
  • Jared shares what they’ve been noticing in terms of data ownership and the role of the CIO and CTO [26:36]
  • Jared shares the trend they’re seeing with ransomware [29:36]
  • Tim talks about the trend of DDoS attacks [32:09]
  • Jared shares why small businesses aren’t necessarily safe from ransomware attacks [33:53]
  • Tim talks about return to office hybrid and why he thinks the trend is customization [36:20]
  • Jared shares why he thinks that business environment has been similar and why it’s more about creating the right balance [37:37]
  • Jared shares why Cox chooses to engage with premium suppliers and how this helps small businesses to expand and grow [40:42]
  • Jared and Tim share their favorite taco spots, SC Ranch Market and Albertacos [43:15]


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