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Powering the Fleets of the Future Now with Jake Fields

by Neal Bloom

jake fields

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Jake Fields is CTO and co-founder of Platform Science, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) fleet management platform specializing in the transportation and logistics industry. The platform supports the driver experience with their modern telematics, applications and fleet management solutions. 

Jake has a long history of building companies in tech. Ever since high school, he had a passion for innovation and technology. His first job was in Lake Tahoe where he developed platforms for ski resorts. His experience with software development eventually led to the conception of Treeline Interactive, a startup he founded to develop tech products for other companies. Throughout Treeline’s growth, he met many clients looking for solutions in different industries, and subsequently created Avimesa, an IoT sensor management company, and also Platform Science. 

Many organizations that worked with Treeline had work that was telematics or vehicle-related. They all needed to create applications, so Jake came up with the idea to create a platform that makes it easier for companies to build this kind of tech. Because of his previous work experience in Treeline, he was already exposed to which customers to reach, what problems they had, and the solutions they wanted. He also did market research and worked with different departments in the same organization to get feedback for the software. Thanks to hard work, Platform Science was able to create a device app management platform that streamlines productivity and was customized to the driver’s needs. 

Listen to Jake Fields share his expertise on building different interactive experiences and how Platform Science is changing the transportation industry with its innovative and emerging technologies.


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Learn more about Platform Science:

Website: https://www.platformscience.com/ 

Facebook: @PlatformScienceHQ

Twitter: @PlatformScience

Instagram: @platformscience



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