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Personalizing AI Technology with Kristie Kaiser and Sharon Zhang of Human AI

by Neal Bloom

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Meet some of Human AI Labs’ co-founders, Kristie Kaiser and Sharon Zhang, who seek to empower all humans with an affordable, unbiased AI-based memory “bank.”. the The tool allows individuals to search for nuggets of information from past events using a variety of AI technologies with the goal of retaining user’s memories to allow for more efficient recall and further utilization. 

Kristie found herself in San Diego upon attending San Diego State University in 2010 where she earned a degree in graphic design. She was introduced to San Diego’s tech ecosystem early on, and has worked on a total of four startups since graduation. Human AI is her fourth startup, where she works as Head of Design. 

Sharon has spent around 15 years in both academia and industry, focusing on industrial AI applications. Upon graduation with a double major in Biology and Electric and Computer Science Engineering from MIT, Sharon wanted to use technology to impact the lives of others. She spent several years working in the healthcare industry, focused on speech recognition and heart disease prediction technology. She brings this experience to Human AI as the Chief Technology Officer. 

Both women brought their expertise and passion to Human AI, which is guided by three brand principles: bringing AI to the individual, an emphasis on recall instead of search, and customer data control. The team wants to use recall instead of search as it more closely imitates the way humans recall specific memories. They additionally want to emphasize that the consumer is not the product,meaning the data is in the hands of the consumer, not the company.  

With Human AI’s recently acquired $3.2 million, the team plans to further develop their product. They’re looking to generate user value and awareness, while building out the product’s design and AI stores.

Listen in to hear Kristie and Sharon talk about how Human AI plans to create the “future of remembering” as well as the startup’s  technology’s use cases and how it will imitate human memory. 

Their favorite local tacos

Sharon’s: Fish District in Del Mar

Kristie’s: Oscar’s in Pacific Beach

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