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Nicole Carr – CFO of Measurabl

by Neal Bloom
Nicole Carr

Nicole Carr is the CFO of Measurabl, a software platform that enables owners and operators of real estate to measure, manage, and report non-financial ESG data, such as energy, water, and waste consumption data.

Nicole grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a known beer city. She went on to attend University of Colorado Boulder, studying accounting and playing volleyball for the Buffaloes. After spending four years in Boulder, Nicole moved to Denver to begin her career working for KPMG, one of the “big four” accounting firms. A few years passed and Nicole felt burnt out in her public accounting role, so she began working for one of her best clients, Realty Income, a San Diego public company. There, she spent about six years with that company, working in financial roles.

During her time at Realty Income, Nicole became more familiar with ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and realized she wanted to make it a bigger part of her career. She stumbled upon Measurabl while flipping through a long list of San Diego companies and it happened to be the only business she dogeared, so she knew she had to get in touch with the team. A year later, Nicole is leading the company’s financial division. Listen to the rest of her story.

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Nicole’s favorites
Tacos – Karina’s Seafood in Mission Hills
Beer – Tart and sour beers at Modern Times
Coffee – Influx in Golden Hill

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