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Mike Allman – Founder & Executive Chairman of Voterfied

by Neal Bloom
Mike Allman

Mike Allman is co-founder & Executive Chairman of Voterfied, an online platform that will revolutionize the way elected officials and government officials interact with their constituents. Mayors or congressional representatives can pose questions and provide information on the platform, allowing voters to take a stance on issues and express their opinions.

Mike grew up in rural western Michigan, in a small town called Spring Lake. His father was a salesman and his mother a secretary. Mike went to Michigan State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He then went on to work in Chicago for eight years and later joined a management consultancy that moved him around the world to Johannesburg, London, and Los Angeles.

It was in Mike’s time in Los Angeles that one of Mike’s clients ended up hiring him, which led him to move down to sunny San Diego in 1998 to work at Sempra Energy. He wore many different hats in his time at Sempra Energy and eventually became president of Sempra Generation, a power generation unit where they pivoted the company to green energy. Mike was one of the pioneers in the utility scale energy business — a revolutionary industry that, in the past decade, has seen around $500 billion in investments. He later went on to become the Chairman and CEO of the Southern California Gas Company, the largest natural gas distribution business. Mike later left that role to become a tech entrepreneur, joining Bit Stew Systems, an industrial IoT startup in Vancouver, BC. After the startup sold to General Electric in 2016, Mike serendipitously stumbled upon the issue politicians who represent hundreds of thousands of people have: hearing constituents’ views issues in an organized, comprehensive manner. This inspired him to start Voterfied, which is based in Solana Beach. Mike decided to “eat his own cooking” in 2018 by running in the primary for U.S. House California District 52. Although he did not make it through the primary, he was able to test out Voterfied for the first time to get a feel for its practicality. Additionally, the mayor of Carlsbad used the app successfully in his reelection campaign, proving the value of this revolutionary tool that Mike has turned into a full fledged business.

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Mike enjoys the many great offerings Solana Beach has to offer, including:
Tacos & burritos at Rubio’s
Red Beer at Pizza Port in Solana Beach
Coffee at Lofty Coffee in Solana Beach, which is walking distance from his

Keep up with Mike on social media:
Twitter – @realmikeallman

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