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Measuring what Matters with Matt Ellis of Measurabl

by Neal Bloom

Matt Ellis is CEO of Measurabl, the world’s leading ESG software for commercial real estate. Measurabl helps companies collect and report investment grade ESG performance using its platform, helping the real estate community identify green buildings and invest money better. 

Matt grew up in Tustin, California, attending UC San Diego for his undergraduate degree and went to San Diego State for his M.B.A. His father was a residential real estate agent, and was influential in guiding Matt toward real estate, encouraging him to get a real estate license and broker’s license. In 2008, he was hired by CBRE, officially starting his real estate career. He became interested in the intersection between real estate, his professional career, and sustainability, his personal interest. This led to him becoming Director of Sustainability Solutions at CBRE, in charge of creating and commercializing services around energy and sustainability. Matt saw firsthand the rise of this issue of ESG and sustainability from a mega real estate provider’s point of view and worked on tech solutions, leading to the creation of Measurabl.

Matt presented the idea of Measurabl as a business plan to CBRE, insisting on the importance of pursuing this software. The company assigned all intellectual property to him, and assisted him financially, also becoming Measurabl’s first customer. Matt also looked for help from friends and family, reuniting with fellow UCSD graduates Lance Onken and David Schumann, who were the first two full-time employees. With the help of those around him, he was able to work toward a minimum viable product and the ultimate vision of helping customers access relevant data and make it useful for personas in the real estate industry. Originally, sustainability was seen as the right thing to do, but now the real estate world sees it as a hard business imperative for success.

Listen to Matt Ellis share the founding story of Measurabl, and the policy levers and economic realities that pushed real estate owners and operators to become greener for the better. 


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