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Masha Petrova of Nullspace: Delivering Advanced Engineering Software

by Neal Bloom

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  • Masha gives an overview of what Nullspace is [02:38]
  • Masha shares her background and how she ended up in the industry [04:09]
  • What are some of the different kinds of products and companies Masha has worked on in the past? [06:33]
  • Masha talks about how she jumped from engineering to marketing to company founder  [09:07]
  • Masha shares how she got connected with IERUS Technologies [11:05]
  • Masha explains what a simulation company is and what they do [12:24]
  • Masha talks about the status of IERUS Technologies when she got hired as its CEO, and shares a tip when looking for a job  [13:29]
  • What’s the current status of Nullspace today in terms of commercializing the technology? [15:41]
  • Masha shares the current state of the market in the industry and the technologies they work on [16:48]
  • What can the community do to help Nullspace get to where it’s headed in the next one to three years? [21:05]
  • What does Masha do during her free time? [23:08]
  • Masha talks about the non-profit, Orange County chapter of Engineers Without Borders [23:32]
  • Masha shares her favorite taco spot, El Torito [25:18]


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