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Maksim Pecherskiy – Chief Data Officer of City of San Diego

by Neal Bloom

Meet Maksim Pecherskiy, Chief Data Officer for the City of San Diego!

Maksim has been Chief Data Officer for over 3 years in accordance with the SD Open Data Policy in which he and his team are tasked with pushing city data out to the public to be built on top of.

Maksim was born in the Ukraine and has been programming since he was 7 years old. His dad got him into computers and he continued playing in the cybersecurity space and web development arena for both startups and enterprise-size companies.

At some point, he had a feeling that he could help the world in a better way and so he joined Code For America. This took him to Puerto Rico, which he loved and got to help build a search engine to help Puerto Rican citizens find the help they needed from specific government agencies. While back in SF afterwards, randomly he found the Chief Data Officer on a job posting and applied! The rest is history.

The data team of the City automatically releases and uploads to https://data.sandiego.gov/. They also work with organizations like SCALE SD and SDXD to help inform the community on what data is available and hear what are the needs of the community from a data perspective.

Maksim and his team are involved in the SmartCities initiative throughout San Diego, including sensors in streetlights and other devices, being a custodian of the data captured, and create APIs.

Recruiting talent for roles in the government makes Maksim get creative. Afterall, not all software jobs require the company to offer sleeping pods.

Like most of San Diegans, Maksim love tacos:

Favorite Tacos – City Tacos & Humbertos

Favorite Local Distillery – Malahat Rum

Favorite Coffee – Krakatoa

You can get in touch with Maksim on Twitter @MrMaksimize

Or at data@sandiego.gov

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