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Making Your Movement Better With Anthony Carey of Reactive Training

by Neal Bloom

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  • Anthony  gives an overview of what Reactive Training is [02:25]
  • Anthony shares how he got into the fitness industry and why he started a company [03:01]
  • What’s the focus of Anthony’s studio and do they cater to a specific clientele? [04:38]
  • Anthony talks about the things he learned from having a studio, using his studio to test his ideas, and how it helped in turning his idea into reality [05:19]
  • Anthony explains the science and the biomechanics behind Core-Tex [06:10]
  • How is Anthony seeing people use their product and what are some of the success stories he’s seen from clients? [07:56]
  • What were some of Anthony’s observations on how the pandemic affected home fitness and at-home treatment  [08:59]
  • What’s unique about San Diego in terms of being connected to a specific user base? What are the other things Anthony learned in testing and building their product towards where it is now? [10:14]
  • How did Anthony manage his employees and deal with supply chains when the pandemic happened? [12:05]
  • What can the customers expect from Reactive Training’s latest and future products? [14:44]
  • Anthony shares some tips for people who now have become more sitting-focused in their day job [17:35]
  • Anthony shares his favorite taco spots, Rubio’s and City Tacos [19:55]


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