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Lucien Eloundou of Charbon Plus: Bridging Skincare Race Gap

by Neal Bloom

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  • Lucien gives an overview of what Charbon Plus is [02:06]
  • Lucien talks about his background and growing up around entrepreneurs [03:31]
  • How did Lucien end up in the US? [05:49]
  • Lucien shares his student life and getting involved in the startup community [07:19]
  • Why did Lucien decide to create a skincare brand? [08:34]
  • Lucien shares how he started his business, including finding the right formula for their product and selling it online [09:56]
  • Lucien talks about their skin care product and what they do [12:02]
  • Lucien shares the communities and people that have helped him in launching his business [13:33]
  • Lucien recalls what it was like to win a pitching competition, go nationals and represent San Diego [15:59]
  • What is the current state of Charbon Plus? [17:33]
  • Lucien talks about his future plans and goals for Charbon Plus [19:31]
  • Lucien shares his favorite taco spot, Don Roman [20:58]


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