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Jenna Ryan of Uqora: Keeping Your Urinary Tract in Check

by FBT Team

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  • Jenna shares where her background and where she was originally from [02:49]
  • Jenna talks about her work experience in DocuSign [05:34]
  • At what point did the idea for Uqora start to come through for Jenna? [06:50]
  • Jenna explains why once you get UTI you’re more likely to get another one, especially in women [09:17]
  • How many tests did Jenna and her team take on their medicine before landing something that looked like a product? [11:04]
  • How did Jenna get started in getting educated to come up with a marketable product? [12:58]
  • Jenna shares the founding story of Uqora [14:44]
  • Jenna talks about Uqora’s official launch and how winning a pitch contest helped them in revenue [17:10]
  • Jenna shares how they got started in developing and rolling out their second product [22:31]
  • Jenna talks about Uqora’s team, and why community building is important [25:06]
  • How did COVID contribute to Uqora’s growth curve, and how did they deal with their customers during this time? [27:56]
  • Jenna shares how they deal with the manufacturing and supply aspects of the business during the pandemic [32:11]
  • When did selling Uqora come to Jenna’s mind? [33:19]
  • Jenna shares what the transition was like for her before and after Uqora’s acquisition [37:51]
  • What does Uqora’s team look like today? [41:49]
  • Jenna shares her favorite taco spot, Carnitas’ Snack Shack [43:08]


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