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Jason Pang – The Tacos and Tech Podcast

by Neal Bloom

Meet Jason Pang, serial entrepreneur and most recently co-founder of Whiff, which helps people find their perfect scent.

While Jason originally thought he was going to be an Accenture lifer, he quickly got a taste of the startup life as the first employee of DivX in 2000. He joined Jordan Greenhall, Tay Nguyen, Darrius Thompson, Jerome Rota and rode it through an IPO in 2006 and up to a market cap of $1.1 billion. Interesting tidbits: DivX was started in a General Atomics building in UTC which was also in the same building as MP3.com and even after two IPOs and being acquired multiple times, there’s still original team members at the company 18 years later.

Jason eventually moved on to found multiple companies with both wins and some failures, which is where he typically learned more. His latest venture Whiff.com with Paul Tranbrings together a few different industries, including consumer packaged goods, online market influencer utilization, and taps into the biotech space in attempting to create customized scent sequencing for each person.

Jason is also a prolific mentor and advisor to both startup founders and to students alike. At any given time, you’ll just as much find him speaking to a class as much as he is building companies.

Some of Jason’s faves:

Favorite breweries: Belching Beaver in San Marcos and Viewpoint Brewery in Del Mar

Favorite coffee: Philz Coffee

Favorite tacos: Las Brisas in San Marcos for their chicken and albondigas soup

Find Jason on LinkedIn and be sure to check out Whiff.com

Thanks to our sponsor Cox Business for their support of the San Diego tech ecosystem and join us at the QuickPitch competition on October 24th.

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