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Innovative and Meaningful Medicines With Sanjay Shukla of aTyr Pharma

by FBT Team

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  • Sanjay gives an overview of what aTyr is [02:44]
  • How did Sanjay end up in the pharma and biotech industry? [04:11]
  • What brought Sanjay to San Diego? [06:26]
  • Sanjay talks about what aTry is currently working on right now, including trials [08:02]
  • Sanjay shares the technologies that have changed over the years and why they couldn’t have been done 20-plus years ago [10:16]
  • Sanjay talks about running a biotech company today, if you should also run it like a software tech company, and whether it’s unique in San Diego [13:54]
  • Sanjay talks about the flip side of data, including building good cloud trial classes with data in mind [16:52]
  • Sanjay shares the difference between running a public versus private company, and the importance of being honest with patients instead of overselling things [19:44]
  • Sanjay shares his favorite taco spot, El Viejon [24:16]


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