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Improving Meeting Hygiene with Chuck Phillips

by Neal Bloom

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Ever felt drained from long, tedious work meetings that waste time and energy? Turns out that this is a bigger problem than expected. In 2019, more than $399 billion was spent on “bad meetings,” emphasizing the severity of this issue. To combat this, Chuck Phillips, co-founder of MeetWell, created a low-lift solution that emphasizes healthy meeting practices, making sure organizers are accountable for their preparation for an efficient meeting. 

Phillips grew up in Visalia, CA, where he got his start in tech by buying coding books and teaching himself backend programming. Initially, he planned to graduate with a computer science degree at UC San Diego, but when he met fellow Triton Doug Hecht, he decided to drop out of school to co-found technology services agency, Console. Phillips and Hecht saw huge success, and merged with Digitaria to offer frontend features, eventually growing large enough to be acquired by WPP. After leaving Digitaria, Phillips joined forces with Hecht on a new startup called Lymber, which was a consumer-focused application that was powered by dynamic pricing algorithms for fitness courses. Within a year, the company was acquired by Mindbody, where Phillips worked for three years.

Although he enjoyed the purpose-driven work and the people he met at Mindbody, Phillips felt dissatisfied with the constant meetings that lacked efficient productivity. The time spent on poorly executed meetings forced makers to get distracted and work extra shifts, which negatively affected their relationships and mental health. He was determined to find a way to run operations without adding to the workload of busy employees, and create a solution through tech. He emphasized the importance of focusing on meeting preparations and honoring the accountability and expectations that need to be met in order to improve bad meeting habits. 

Listen to Chuck Phillips share MeetWell’s growth progress, and his vision for healthy meeting practices and a positive work life balance.


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