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Finding Meaningful Life in Action with the City of Carlsbad and RoleCall

by Neal Bloom

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An estimated 56% of Americans plan to move by the end of 2021, showing how many people are interested in remote work opportunities and/or finding communities they would want to live in, according to The Neighbor 2020 – 2021 American Migration Report. Carlsbad is a city actively attracting strong talent to lead its industries and technological developments, boasting its beautiful beaches and connected community. Local leaders from all over San Diego County are actively coming together to work toward city innovation and talent development. In this week’s podcast, David Graham, Chief Innovation Officer at City of Carlsbad, Matt Sanford, Economic Development Manager at City of Carlsbad, and Tim Carty and Winona Dimeo-Ediger, co-founders of RoleCall, share how they’ve built a pipeline of talent for the Carlsbad business community.

The City of Carlsbad has developed its own homegrown talent attraction campaign, Life in Action, to share how people can manage a meaningful career and great quality of life in the city. They emphasize the importance of work-life balance, and how the city’s ecosystem is growing in the business landscape with industry disruptors to ambitious startups, showing a diverse community. RoleCall, a talent attraction agency and consultancy, works with cities like Carlsbad to help attract talent to their city through their customized programs and marketing strategies. A recent trend being observed is people choosing where they want to work first, and then selecting from companies in that area as viable options. 

A common factor among these leaders is that they all recognized that local government can have a massive impact in one’s immediate community. David enjoys the manifestation of his work that he can see as he drives down the street, and states that talent powers the future. Matt believes that providing economic strategies can help cities successfully attract talent. Tim is passionate about bringing smart and likeminded talent to help the community, and Winona recognizes the importance of people choosing to work at a place they like, and how cities can cater towards that.

Listen to this latest podcast to hear from leaders from the City of Carlsbad and RoleCall to learn how they are committing themselves to a purposeful life and meaningful work in Carlsbad. 


Their favorite local tacos:

David: Tacos La Glorieta in TJ, Lola 55 in San Diego

Matt: Oscars Mexican Seafood in La Jolla

Tim: La Regia Taqueria in Iowa City

Winona: Tacos Y Mariscos El Amigo in Nashville


Connect with them:

David Graham

Matt Sanford

Tim Carty

Winona Dimeo-Ediger


Learn more about Life in Action and RoleCall:

Life in Action

Website: https://carlsbadlifeinaction.com/ 

Facebook: @Carlsbadbiz 

Twitter: @Carlsbadbiz

Instagram: @carlsbadbiz




Website: https://www.rolecall.pro/ 



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