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Fighting Dementia & Alzheimer’s Using Big Data, Genomics, and Machine Learning with Julie Collens

by FBT Team

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Julie Collens is the Founder and CEO of Vivid Genomics, a precision medicine company that specializes in dementia, specifically with the aim to accelerate neurodegenerative disease drug development by using genomics, big data, and machine learning.

After completing her Ph.D. in population genetics at the University of Chicago, Julie used her scientific skills as an equity research analyst for a wealth management firm. In 2012, she joined Illumina, where she had a variety of roles, from product manager to marketing, and ultimately Associate Director, Complex Disease Market Development. It was at Illumina where she saw a huge opportunity with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Recognizing the severity and pervasiveness of these diseases, Julie took note of the fact that Alzheimer’s cases are expected to triple in the United States in the next 20 years.

This realization led to her founding her own company, Vivid Genomics. 

Tune in as Julie joins host Neal Bloom to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur in the San Diego tech scene.

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Julie’s favorite local tacos:

Salud Tacos


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Check out her TEDx Talk here!


Keep up with Vivid Genomics

Website: https://www.vividgenomics.com/


Twitter: @vgenomics

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