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Empowering Women through Automotive Confidence with Talena Handley

by Neal Bloom

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Talena Handley is the Founder and CEO of Girlie Garage, an educational platform that aims to teach women about their vehicles so they feel empowered and confident on the road. Girlie Garage provides automotive consulting and online videos to help its customers solve car issues without being taken advantage of by shops. 

While growing up in Northern California, Talena was always tinkering with motorcycles, even getting her first one at the young age of four. Her grandfather used to refurbish Ford Model Ts and Volkswagen Karmann Ghias, and she would always be found in his workshop helping him. Although it was her hobby, she began to pursue auto mechanics in a more serious light after her car was stolen for the second time. Knowing that there was a stigma of women being taken advantage of for not being well-versed in cars, Talena went to mechanic school so she could learn how to help herself instead. Her education in automotive took her around the U.S. and Canada, where she worked for various race teams.

Talena added business and entrepreneurship to her list of skills while attending San Diego State University. She began to use her entrepreneurial experience and passion for automobiles for Girlie Garage, her lifelong mission to educate and help others with their personal vehicles. Her vision is to pass on her knowledge and expertise to others, and to make her business a household name. 

Listen in as host Neal Bloom talks with Talena about the impact of being actively involved in the entrepreneurial community and Girlie Garage’s plans for the future. 


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