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Elevating Wellness By Digital Coaching Solutions with Anita Habeich

by Neal Bloom

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Anita Habeich is Vice President of Marketing Programs at PEAR Sports, a leader in smart digital coach technology. The Solana Beach-based startup was founded on the concept of democratizing access to world class personal trainers. PEAR is currently pivoting to become a B2B that provides a software platform to help power other brands with smart digital coaching tools and content. 

Anita had a strong interest for sports and physical activities ever since she was young, and ran for the United States Air Force Academy cross country and track teams for two years before pursuing a degree at Stanford. When she moved to San Diego, Anita joined Jabra as their first marketing hire, and was part of the team that grew the company to $150 million. There, she first met Bob Allison, who was Managing Director of the private equity firm, Innovate Partners, that invested in Jabra. After leaving Jabra, she still maintained her connection with Bob, who eventually became co-founder and CEO of PEAR Sports, and asked her to join and help reposition the company and their branding.

Since her transition into PEAR Sports, Anita has actively emphasized the company’s solution: prescription of personalized fitness programs for users. For example, PEAR made a recent contract with AFWERX to provide a scalable fitness solution for warrior moms to transition back to military life post-pregnancy. They are using their programs to meet specific target audiences and offer hyper-personalized fitness and wellness solutions. And since its acquisition of Performance Lab in 2020, PEAR is on the verge of launching an AI-program builder that will push out content based on an individual’s unique biometric data and their goals. 

Listen to Anita Habeich share her expertise on marketing programs strategy and PEAR Sports’ future plans to enhance their services while keeping their focus on precision wellness and fitness. 


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